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We’re all on the same team.

Inclusive practices unlock the best in us as people and as a company.

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Our Mindset

Inclusion is an always-on mentality, and we believe it’s the result of our day-to-day practices. Through our actions, behaviors and attitude, we’ll create an environment where everyone, no matter their differences, feels like they belong.

How We Make It Happen

These areas of action guide our employees’ understanding, accountability and development.

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Disruptive Experiences

We push ourselves out of our comfort zones to interrupt our usual patterns, think globally and uncover unconscious biases. We inevitably make mistakes—but we learn and grow from them.

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Intentional Habits

We’re all responsible for breaking down any barriers to participation and belonging. We encourage everyone to be mindful about engaging in inclusive communication and processes.

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Purposeful Culture

With people located all over the world, our culture is built on valuing differences. We know they only strengthen our ability to achieve our goals, which is why we support every Hudl employee being their true self at work.

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Social Responsibility

We care about the wellbeing of our communities and society as a whole. We know sports have the power to unite and we’re dedicated to equal access to opportunity, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status.

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Leading by Example

Our leaders live these actions every day, but they’re not the only ones. Inclusive leaders can be found at every level of our organization.

What We're Doing

See some of the ways we’re actively supporting inclusion at Hudl.

Inclusion Report

We’re actively working on DE&I initiatives at Hudl, but we know there’s more to do. 
That’s why we track our goals and progress in annual inclusion reports.

View 2023 Report

Support from Our Leaders

We lead by example, but we also believe in supporting each other along the way. Hear from our three founders on their own inclusion journeys, and why this work matters so much to Hudl as a company.

Employee Resource Groups

These employee-led (and business-supported) affinity groups provide a space for community, cultural education, professional development and allyship.

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Her Hudl

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Hudl Black

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Mental Health

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Our employees live all around the world and come from incredibly diverse backgrounds. Communities@Hudl give them opportunities to gather around common interests—like parenting, faith, plants, art and more—so they can find even more ways to belong at Hudl.


You Belong at Hudl

We’re always looking to add new voices to our team.

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